Adorn Textile Customized Creations

Adorn Textile Customized Creations

Αγαπάμε το ύφασμα και το δείχνουμε!

This is an exciting time for fabrics!


Το σπίτι σου πρέπει να λέει ποιος είσαι!

This is an exciting time
for fabrics!


Adorn Textile In collaboration with the leaders in the field of digital fabric printing, we can * play * with them and create unique designs exclusively for your space! Let your imagination run wild and experiment with color, images, shapes! We are here to implement your ideas. We offer the possibility of digital printing on curtains, blinds, pillows, headboards, throws, furniture fabrics and on any surface that can be covered with fabric. The details are what make the design!
Adorn Textile does not renovate spaces. We transform them!


Play with colors, images, designs!


What is amazing about embroidery is not only its history and evolution, but also the fact that it has been developed by many different cultures.
Adorn Textile in collaboration with the best in the field of embroidery, gives the opportunity to implement your ideas with unique embroidered designs applied on upholsteries, cushions, curtains, roman blinds, headboards, coverings and any other surface that can be covered with textile.. Let your imagination run wild and play with colors, images, designs. You need to know the rules to break them.
That is why we are here! To break the rules but also to keep the tradition!


Painting is speech!


In Adorn Textile always with great respect for this unique kind of art, we collaborate with favorite painters who live to express themselves through their art! We create unique works of art in furniture fabrics, curtains, novels and on any surface covered with fabric. Create your own unique painting on the fabrics of your space!


Αναδείξτε τον χώρο σας με μοναδικά χρώματα σε βελούδινη υφή!


Velour transfer is a technique that gives a velvet style. It can be used in numerous types of fabrics: cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon and many more.

Among the main advantages of this adornment is the brightness of the colors.
In Αdorn Textile we give you the ability to create your own personal designs with the unique texture of velvet!
Highlight your space through the unique colors and velvet texture!


Our collections


Το σπίτι σου πρέπει να λέει την ιστορία του ποιος είσαι και μία συλλογή αυτών που αγαπάς!


Collection “Nature”


Στην Adorn Textile δεν ανακαινίζουμε χώρους. Τους μεταμορφώνουμε!


Collection “Ancient Greece”


Δημιουργείστε τον δικό σας μοναδικό πίνακα στα υφάσματα του χώρου σας!


Collection “Art”


Γι αυτό είμαστε εδώ. Για να καταρρίψουμε τους κανόνες αλλά και να κρατήσουμε την παράδοση!

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