Adorn Textile Customized Creations

Adorn Textile Customized Creations



A universal heritage.

In order to learn more about a nation’s culture, one must take a look at its folklore, as there is information about things that are not at all just what they seem. One of them is embroidery.

What is amazing about embroidery is not only its history and evolution, but also the fact that it has been developed by many different cultures. Historically, it is perhaps one of the earliest forms of art, as it dates back to more than 3000 BC. After the invention of the needle and thread, embroidery was used for aesthetic purposes, for decoration, and even by men!

In our modern world, embroidery is present not only in museums or traditional rural communities, but also on social media. At a time when we are becoming increasingly isolated, for many people embroidery has become a way to gain a sense of belonging. And it is a way of knowing themselves as our hands and minds work together to express what is in our heart.